Child Support Collections

The payment of child support for the care of children is a very important process that must be placed as a top priority. In many cases mothers cannot afford attorneys and must resort to other measures. We will not allow those that are responsible for the payment of child support to escape this responsibility. The District Attorney’s office strives to make child support collection a top priority. This is done by having a full time coordinator working for the collection of child support.

Whom to Contact

In the West Feliciana Office the child support coordinator/intake officer is Shelby Nelson (225) 635-4612. In the East Feliciana office, Lisa Morris, coordinates the child support collections as well as intake, (225) 683-8563. When it is necessary to bring the non-custodial parent to court, Jana Rogers is the Assistant District Attorney in West Feliciana Parish and Ken Fabre is the Assistant District Attorney in East Feliciana Parish presiding before the Judge on behalf of the state.

Department of Children and Family Services