Pre-Trial Diversion

Pre-Trial diversion is a method used by many districts for first-time offenders of non-violent crimes in an effort to divert certain individuals from trials, if they are non-violent offenders. The program will also allow them to undergo necessary and helpful treatment if deemed necessary. No method is fool proof, but a major part of the fight against crime is won if the criminal act is prevented. The District Attorney’s office can utilize this authority and vision to create efforts to prevent crime.

If anyone is interested in Pre-Trial diversion contact Shane Bourgeois at the District Attorney’s Office West Feliciana Parish Office (225) 635-4612, East Feliciana Parish (225)683-8563,

Requiring individuals to participate in public or community service is another method of handling non-violent offenders. This is an effort to prevent the filling our jails with non-violent offenders and to allow room for the more serious violent criminals. This is an important step in the overall management of the criminal justice system.